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We are currently looking for people who are willing to help out with the wiki, if you are interested please pm Feral Kitty from the SF-girls discord. And if you haven't joined the discord yet, here is the link to the official SF-girls discord: https://discord.com/invite/gZtHQNA

No Spoilers or NSFWs are allowed on this side

Daily Missions

Today is Tuesday which means the currently open Mission is


Weekly Rotation

The Current Agents have a special Gacha with increased drop rates:

MiniRei.png Rei MiniUni.png Uni MiniCadence.png Cadence

those agents change every monday (see Gacha for more information.)

Lucky Wheel

The Current Agent in the Lucky Wheel is MiniUni.png Uni

Current Events

Hunt the Demon Deer.png Hunt the Demon Deer
18 Jan - 18 Feb

Sekai no Owari.png Sekai no Owari
29 Dec - 29 Jan
Quartermaster Noa's Bootcamp.png Quartermaster Noa's Bootcamp
20 Oct - 1 Jan 3000

Get SF-Girls

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SF-Girls is available at Nutaku for free: https://www.nutaku.net/games/sf-girls/


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